NRTS Suite

NRTS Suite is the suite of DeFi products built by the NRTS team to increase use cases of the NRTS token as well as increasing the benefits for the community.



NRTS Swap is a permissionless, decentralized crowdfunding platform for TRC20 tokens. Through NRTS Swap, developers can easily conduct IDOs of their Tron DApps.



NRTS Lend is a decentralized lending protocol using third party oracles for the most accurate price feeds for lending and borrowing cryptocurrency assets. Fees from the lending protocol will be used to buyback and burn NRTS tokens.


NRTS Bridge

Without a hassle, deploy on the Tron blockchain for faster transactions and cheaper fees. Developers do not need to spend any further time on development, but request deploy on xPortal to have their ERC20 tokens be convertible to TRC20 tokens.

Token Sale
is Launching