Make Safe Investments
on Assets with No Devaluation

NRTS is a rebase project of Tron (TRX) and a decentralized investment protocol built on the Tron blockchain with adaptive, elastic,
deflationary features

About NRTS

Pegged to the Tron(TRX) With 1:1 Ratio

If the price of NRTS is greater than Tron, there will be a positive rebase so that more tokens will be distributed to the holders to match the new price.

Even if the price of NRTS is lower than Tron, there is no negative rebase.

Instead of negative rebases, NRTS decrease the number of tokens but tax those who sell or make transactions as its deflationary method. This way, even when others sell their tokens, the holders gain from such acts to mitigate the price fluctuation that happens from selling.

A Token that Rewards the Community

The technology of NRTS rewards holders for being part of the community and everything is shared among them. Holder’s value increases proportionally based on the percentage of market share they hold.

For example, if a holder holds 1 percent of the total market share, that percentage remains the same when the supply increases. This is designed to benefit the early holders of our tokens as the supply is only going through positive rebase and no negative rebase. As the ecosystem of NRTS becomes more valuable, holders’ assets will become more valuable as well.

Benefits of NRTS

  1. Community-Benenficial with Tax System
  2. Zero Dilution with Price Increase
  3. Hedging Option without Negative Rebases


NRTS Bridge

NRTS will provide a suite of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) services based on the Tron blockchain. NRTS team is dedicated in providing consistent use cases of the NRTS token.

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DEX Liguidity
Initial Total Supply
    Currency exchange
    Global infrastructure
    Machine learning
    Initial Listing Price
    1 NRTS = 1 TRX


    2022 Nov.
    Website Launch
    Mid Dec.
    Public Sale
    DEX Listing
    Late Dec.
    CEX Listing
    NRTS Bridge Release
    Q2 2023
    Full Launch of NRTS Suite
    Developed by

    Token Sale
    is Launching